The Environmental Entrepreneur Organization
(E2) of the NRDC is a national community of professionals and business people who believe in protecting the environment while building economic prosperity. As a founding member, Lee serves as a champion on the economic side of good environmental policy by taking a reasoned, economically sound approach to environmental issues.

Lee's Environmental Journey
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Lee at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change UNFCCC Bali 2007 (vimeo)

Link to Environmental EntrepreneursWater is taking over oil as the likeliest cause of conflict in the future, and with Southern California importing 90 percent of its water from the Colorado River and Sierra Nevada runoff, E2 Southern California has chosen water conservation as one key galvanizing issue and is bringing a team of business leaders together to create a strategy for its chapter advocacy activities 2009.

At a January 28 EcoSalon in San Diego, E2 members and guests gathered to learn about this renewed effort. Ronnie Cohen, Senior Policy Analyst in NRDC’s Water Program, offered insight into initiatives around green infrastructure, the nexus between water and global warming, and the California Water Vision - a statewide effort by NRDC Water Program staff to encourage investments in cost-effective tools like water conservation, water recycling, urban stormwater management and groundwater management. Ronnie emphasized that California has a limited long-term supply and that the water savings potential from these strategies, as well as low-impact development, far outweigh potential supply from further Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta diversions. Nicole Lederer, Co-founder of E2, gave a compelling overview of E2 for the many first-time attendees, and inspired further participation and contribution toward future E2 efforts. Lee Stein, E2 Southern California Founding Member and Chapter Leader, organized the meeting and spoke regarding the valuable experiences his association with E2 has made possible. Jeremy Glaser outlined his vision for the E2 chapter and some of the key environmental initiatives for their organization.

E2 thanks Mintz Levin for graciously hosting this event at their eco-friendly offices.

Southern California Chapter Co-Founders:
Lee Stein (E2 San Diego Chapter Director), Jill Tate Higgins, Jonathon Bloch, and Les Guthman.

To see more about these co-founders, go to the Southern California section of the E2 Website.