Lee's article,"The Analog Analogy," is one of the principle sections of " Masters of the Wired World," published by Financial Times Putman and edited by Anne Leer. Links are at the top far right >

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YPO (Young Presidents Organization) created a YPO Video Tribute to Lee honoring his graduation. Today Lee continues the YPO tradition with other YPO graduates as a member of CEO (Chief Executive Organization) and WPO (World Presidents Organization).

Two other fun tributes occurred in Lee's life when the County of San Diego declared an official Lee Stein Day and when Newsweek listed him as one of the Top 50 to watch for the Future of Technology.

On a more serious note, Cerebral Aneurysm Thrombosis is a medical recount of Mr. Stein's recovery from a life-threatening brain injury. While Lee would not wish the experience of an aneurysm on anyone else, he considers the medical event, the recovery, and the life lessons gained to have been a gift.

Lee is also a staunch supporter of environmental issues and rights. He's even earned the gratitude of California Governor Gray Davis in a special letter.

The Magic Yellow Zen Box, a hypnotic display of multimedia, was created with VirtualADz, a technology developed during Lee's stewardship of First Virtual (MessageMedia).


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