The Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine combines scientifically sound practices, both conventional and non-conventional, to help our bodies heal themselves. Our mission is to create a new paradigm of health care: healing and changing lives through science and compassion.

Thank You Letter to Lee

Lee (with his wife, June Stein) served for many years Co-Chairman of the Advisory Board Committe for the Scripps Center for Integritive Medicine. Before becoming chairman Emeritus, the organization was merely a concept until June and Lee assumed their leadership roles. Today multi-million dollar philanthropic campaigns have caused the organization to emerge as a world leader in early diagnosis and integrative medicine. The Center offers the full spectrum of care, from traditional medicine to scientifically validated complementary approaches. Through clinical research, education, prevention and lifestyle changes, the Center seeks to empower people to take charge of their health.

According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the use of complementary and alternative medicine among the general public increased to 42 percent in 1997 from 34 percent in 1990. Recognizing the growing public interest in integrative medicine, Scripps opened the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in January 1999. A year later, the center was one of three health facilities nationwide to receive the prestigious Medtronic Leadership Grant, along with Harvard and Stanford. This funding will support the expansion of our integrative approach to managing patients with acute and chronic cardiac disease.

June & Lee served as founding co-chairs at the scripps center for integrative medicine 1997-2004. Lee became Chairman Emeritus February 2004. This plaque and commemorative legend were given to June & Lee at the Scripps integrative medicine Annual Celebration at the Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA. The Steins were humbled by the dinner remarks by Sheri Alazraki at the Scripps Foundation for Medicine and Science.